Monday, June 18, 2007

Muriel launches podcast!

As previously noted, Muriel is taking a summer respite from the WFMU schedule, relaxing at her bungalow with rum-based remedies while hunting for Big Bamboo. She expects to return to the airwaves in the Autumn.

However, because she knows how important vintage calypso, soca, pan, and mento are to you, she is offering two new ways to hear Classic Muriel: via podcasts and streaming WFMU archives.

All one-hour installments of Muriel's Treasure (72 total) are being edited from Irwin's three-hour free-form program for your listening pleasure in these two formats. Twice a week (starting today) new podcasts will be automatically delivered to your computer and/or mp3 player. As each podcast is sent out, that program (and playlist) will be added to the WFMU archives for eternal good listening.

Now you can hear all your favorites -- Sparrow, Kitchie, Invader, Atilla, King Radio, Duke of Iron, Houdini and their impertinent brethren -- at your convenience.


The Mighty Lord Duke said...

This is the best thing to happen all year. You can be sure I will be listening to each and every podcast so I can be caught up when the show returns. I know this must be a lot of work and on behalf of calypso fans everywhere, I THANK YOU!!!

wastedpapiers said...

Likewise- great to hear! I shall be listening and chopping up some mangos!

Keisha said...

The days when calyspso made me feel as though I was sitting at my grampa's feel completely enveloped in his stories. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on a site before but I had to tell you how thankful I am to stumble over this goldmine! The sentiment makes me long to go back home to St. Lucia. If only I could understand the podcast enough to get some of your older shows! Thanks again.