Sunday, April 29, 2007

Calypsos From Jamaica (Ritmo/Monogram)

A fine Mento collection featuring Hubert Porter, Lord Lebby, the Denzil Laing Trio, Harold Richardson, Lord Flea, and The Wigglers.


DJ Kiss said...

Just found this record on a market in Oslo!
The record is in very good condition , but the sleeve is is just okay.

Mikey said...

Just wondering if anyone has worked out who to attribute the tunes to on the record as no indication has been given on this Lp (or the other later pressing of it on a label called Sounds of the Caribbean)of exactly who sings what. It includes tunes not seen elsewhere, and so for instance who sings 'Old Lady You Mashy My Toe'? - Mary's Lamb turns out to be Hubert Porter, but I'm still in the process of sorting out others on the Lp. Obviously ones like Kinsy's report were Lebby etc. But some of the tunes are not obviously anyone. For example, which songs are ones sung by lord Flea....?

Thanks for the post by the way...


Irwin Chusid said...

Here's what I've hand-marked on my LP. Unfortunately, I can't recall where on the web I discovered this information. The Lord Flea reference is puzzling, but he's listed on the back cover. Perhaps he sang A4.

A1 Rum & Cocoanut Water - Hubert Porter
A2 Limbo Dance - Harold Richardson
A3 Man Smart - Denzil Laing Trio
A4 Solas Market - (unknown)
A5 Dr. Kinsey - Lord Lebby
A6 Mary's Lamb - Hubert Porter

B1 Linstead - Wigglers
B2 Old Lady - Hubert Porter
B3 Jamaica Mermaid - Wigglers
B4 Mama Don' Want - Lord Lebby
B5 Ten Penny Nail - Hubert Porter
B6 Miss Goosie - Hubert Porter