Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let's Go Calypso (Somerset)

Features King Scratch and the Bay Street Boys, ca. late 1950s. "These two acts," the brief liner notes attest, "have long been favorites in the islands and many a tourist has felt the gay and carefree spell they cast with the charm of their readings and infectious Calypso rhythms. This is as much a part of the islands as the palm trees or lovely beaches." Despite a preponderance of cruiseship standards (e.g., "Marianne," "Sly Mongoose," "Jamaica Farewell," "Donkey Wants Water"), the performances are refreshingly "native" and highlighted by raucous percussion. Meaning, these recordings were not prettied up for export. Is good.

Fabulous cover illustration, unsigned, uncredited.


jono said...

Hello Irwin
I've just discovered your show and am a huge fan of Muriels treasures.You may be curious to know that there is another version of the Lets go calypso album out there featuring different cover art,same songs.It's on Marble Arch records which is a UK budget label.Anyway thanks for turning me on to a lot of fantastic calypso i've never heard before.My one year old daughter loves bouncing and singing along to the show.
Jersey C.I U.K

Irwin Chusid said...

A new generation discovers calypso, and at a tender age! There's hope for the preservation of this music after all.